Daring to Dig: Adventures of Women in American Paleontology

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Daring to Dig highlights the adventures and research achievements of a dozen women paleontologists, both from the past century and active today. The challenges they faced--both societal and scientific--are explored through a series of colorfully illustrated vignettes, as are their successes in overcoming these challenges. This book shows children that paleontology is a science for everyone.

By: Beth Stricker
Illustrator: Alana McGillis
Hardcover: 36 pages

"Daring to Dig presents a colorful exploration into some of the groundbreaking, brilliant, and brave women of American paleontology. Significantly, Daring to Dig explores historical challenges, contextualizes the science, and documents the great diversity of women and fossils that make up the wonderful discipline of paleontology." - Alycia Stigall, Professor of Geological Sciences at Ohio University.

"All too often, girls come to the mistaken belief that that science is just for men. In Daring to Dig, Beth Stricker and Alana McGillis show us that paleontology is, and has always been, a science for women too. Through a sequence of colorful, beautifully illustrated stories, they offer up a celebration of the remarkable history of female paleontologists in America." - Scott D. Sampson, Ph.D., President & CEO, Science World British Columbia; Host, PBS KIDS Dinosaur Train; Author, You Can Be a Paleontologist!