Nature in the City: A Guide to Leading Nature Activities with Young People

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Nature in the City is an innovative educational program designed to open the eyes of young people to the natural diversity that thrives around them, wherever they may live - city or suburb. Developed by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Nature in the City is intended for use by teachers, homeschool parents, youth organizations and others who work with grade-school-age children. The program provides a range of activities, many of them game-oriented, that center on an outdoor Field Site. These activities help children develop observation and critical thinking skills as they learn real-world, hands-on science lessons. At the heart of the Nature in the City program is the belief that providing children with opportunities to experience the joy of discovery in nature can be the start of a lifelong.

By: Cleveland Museum of Natrual History
Contributors: Nancy Howell, Renee Boronka
Illustrator: Wendy Donkin
Editor: Sarah Riehl
Paperback: 80 pages